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Skate Sharpening

For your skate sharpening needs, there are two options within the area to get your skates sharpened.

A Cut Above the Best Skate Sharpening


Nick currently charges $10 per pair of hockey player skates, $20 for new skates, $20 for goalie skates, and $20 for figure skates. For a limited time he is offering a Skate Sharpening Card for $25 which includes 5 sharpenings. Please call, text, or email to schedule an appointment.

With sharpening services through Nick, he will ensure you have the proper sharpening for your needs and can adjust the radius for your skill level. Unless specifically stated otherwise, he sharpens player skates to a ½” radius. He also ensures that each pair of skates has even edges. Click here for a simple tutorial on skate sharpening details and theory: https://www.wissota.com/learning-about-radius
"Along with skate sharpening, we also offer skate baking. A Cut Above the Best is proud to have the only real skate oven on the north Gulf Coast. The skate oven is specifically designed for "bake-able skates" to help speed up the break in process. The oven heats up the internal components of the boot to make them pliable so they can be molded to your foot. The process take about 25 minutes and the skates need to cool for 24 hours. Cost is $25 dollars. We recommend you do not use a conventional oven to do this at home as it is possible to burn the skates and ruin them."  
Coming soon, new shipment of quality B/W/C hockey tape and custom patterns too - $4/roll

Performance Machining Services 
(call ahead to see if your skates can be sharpened while you wait.)

The Location is:
4161 Warehouse Ln  Pensacola FL 32505
Performance has a Blademaster Professional Machine with cross grind and a dedicated Goalie/Figure Skate stone.

Note that this company is not a retail skate shop and you may be asked to leave them and come back to pick them up later.