Volunteer Info

Options for Volunteer Hours

Each registered player is required to participate in one of the three available fundraising options per hockey season. 

The three options are: 

  1. sign up a sponsor for the league
  2. volunteer a certain number of hours
  3. pay for a “buyout.”

Below you will find more information on your options to fulfill your 10 volunteer hours.

Chuck a Puck

Instructions for Volunteering for Chuck a Puck

Please check in at the Ice Flyers will-call tent (not box office will-call) on the west side of the building to check out staff passes for the game. These will need to be checked back in at Fan Services at the end of the night.

For parking, if anyone doesn’t have a front reserved pass, you can park in the trolley lot (the gravel one) across the street for free – just let them know that you are Ice Flyers game day staff.

Everyone should be ready to go no later than 5:40 pm as doors open at 6 pm. If one or more volunteers could make it to our pre-game meeting at 5 pm, that would be great. No worries if not. We meet on the second floor, east side of the building. This is a hidden floor! Go to the upper level and behind section 116 there is an elevator. Take it down to the second floor and go to the left. They will have food there for the staff & volunteers.

We need at least 1 Junior and 1 parent at each Chuck-A-Puck (CAP) stand (sections 110 and 126) and then 2 roaming sets. For the roamers – please remember to carry the CAP signs that will be located at the 110 stands.

The pucks will already be at the CAP stands but the money bags will be checked out at Fan Services. An Ice Flyer representative at Fan Services may be in the pre-game meeting when you arrive, but they will be back at Fan Services (FS) well before doors. You should have plenty of change but if you run out you can go to FS to switch out large bills.

The only price point is a stack of 6 for $5. I will have a cheat sheet at the stands explaining the available prizes. The cheat sheet may be in your money bag/apron.

Season ticket holders received free vouchers for CAP’s. These may only be used one time. Please make sure there is a red hockey stick stamp on the back of the voucher before it is accepted.

Sell until the last 5 minutes of the 2nd period. Please have 1 parent from each stand bring the (hopefully) empty bins down the east side elevator and through the back hallway to the player tunnel area. The bins will be used during the 2nd intermission when the pucks are scooped off the ice.

Remember to turn in everyone’s staff pass to Fan Services!

Concession Stands

We are excited to have this opportunity that will enable anyone who elected to select the volunteer option at registration to knock out FIVE volunteer hours in one fell swoop. 

Please visit our Volunteer page to sign up for this opportunity, .

Event info:

  •  Show time: 1 hour prior to doors opening for the game (5 pm - 10 pm)
  • Age: Must be of age to serve alcohol (18 and up, NO children)
  • Entrance point: With the enhanced security measures for the building, the point of entry for game day staff and volunteers is through the North fire lane entrance NOT the front entrance. Head around the left side of the building and then enter there by the handicap-accessible ramp. Any security staff members can point you in the right direction. General doors will open at 6:00 PM. All concession volunteers need to be in place by 5:00 PM. Only volunteers may enter @ 5:00 PM, all other people (ie. Non-participating family members) will NOT be able to access the building until the doors open to the public, no exceptions.  
  • Parking: Park in the trolley lot (the gravel one) across the street for free – just let them know that you are Ice Flyers game day staff.  Only people actually working the concession stands can enter for free.
  • Staffing needs: At least SIX volunteers. If we get more interest, your Volunteer Director can talk to the Bay Center folks about securing a second booth. Volunteers must be 18 and up.
  • Attire: Wear a PJIF sponsor t-shirt, and khaki or black pants. No blue jeans or ripped pants are allowed.


 Very important:

  • Sell only until the end of the 2nd intermission.
  • Limit alcohol sales to 2 per appropriate age patron. ASM/SAVOR staff will assist with keeping this smooth.
  • Card everyone that does not absolutely appear to be at least twice the legal age to purchase alcohol!
  • The system at the Bay Center operates on a “Cup Count” basis. That will be important for the end of the shift in balancing out cups sold versus register close-out. Any “underage” will be subtracted from our funds raised.
  • There will be a tip jar that will be handled by whoever is responsible for your group.


NOTE: Alcohol Consumption is not allowed while working.



Volunteer Registration Form

Adult coaches, team managers, board members, and locker room monitors are required to submit a Volunteer Registration Form.

In addition to submitting this form, anyone volunteering in these positions will need to complete all of the following requirements:

1. USA Hockey Number- Select Manager/Volunteer or Coach from the list, depending on your situation.

2. SafeSport Certification

3. Background Screening

Bring in a Sponsor

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