Player Code of Conduct

The following agreement serves to acknowledge and commit your son/daughter (henceforth referred to as the Participant) to the Northwest Florida Hockey League (NFHL) Pensacola Junior Ice Flyers hockey program (henceforth referred to as the Program) identified herein, for the duration of the current season. The current season shall run from the date of player registration until an end date determined by the NFHL Board of Directors upon consideration of the various leagues and tournaments the Program is engaged with. Participants and their guardians also acknowledge that they know and will abide by the rules governing the NFHL.


1. Players must always represent the Junior Ice Flyers and their affiliated associations with class and dignity.

2. Players will accept and will not dispute/argue decisions made by an official or coach. Players will respect the coaches, teammates, parents, opponents, spectators, facility employees, and officials. Players understand that impolitely and/or disrespectfully challenging decisions are not acceptable.

3. Players must always display good sportsmanship and play in the spirit of the game. Players' actions must never deliberately jeopardize the safety and well-being of opponents, teammates, officials, spectators, coaches, or any other individual.

4. Players will control their tempers on and off the ice. Obscene/abusive language and inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated in or around the rink.

5. Players must strive to be team players. Work hard, play for fun, and always be a good sport.

Note: Ice times, clinics, games, and any other activities are subject to change without warning due to circumstances beyond the control of any or all associations involved, and no association shall be held liable for any damages or costs incurred.

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