Learn to Play

The Learn to Play Program is for those that know how to skate.

Learn to Play is a chance for children to try the sport of hockey. If your child has previously completed a course of Learn to Play or already knows how to skate, you are in the right place. Skaters are taught by simple progression at their own pace using drills, one-on-one coaching, and on-ice games. The emphasis is on having FUN while learning to play hockey! Sessions are limited to 35 skaters and fill up quickly. To join the wait list for our next session please click here.

Participants will learn the following:

  • How to get dressed for hockey
  • Turning
  • Inside / Outside edges
  • Backward skating
  • Hockey stops
  • Stopping
  • Crossovers Starting
  • Stick & Puck handling
  • Hockey stance
  • Hockey basic
  • How to stand up on the ice

Skaters must master these skills and will receive a written evaluation before moving to their age group.


Learn to Play participants will need to be at least 4yrs old at the start of their first session.

**If your player is over 10 years old, please email registration@jriceflyers.com.


A minimum of two sessions are held per season, which runs from Oct - March. Session one is typically held from Oct - Dec, session two Jan - March. These sessions will include 6 to 8 one-hour practices.

Session dates and times are subject to ice availability and may change.


Sessions are held at :

Pensacola Bay Center

201 E Gregory St

Pensacola, FL 32502


Session nights are typically held on Wednesdays at 5:15 - 6:15pm. Dates and times will be finalized and emailed out prior to session starting.

Session days and times are subject to ice availability and may change.


Learn to Play registration cost is approximately $75-$100 per session. Please see registration for current seasons fees.


All skaters/players and coaches must be registered with USA Hockey and is not refundable.

You do NOT need to register with USA Hockey until you are notified that your skater has a spot in the program. 


All participants must wear appropriate hockey equipment at each practice. Loaner equipment is provided.

Loaner equipment includes: USA Hockey approved helmet with face cage, shoulder pads, breezers (padded hockey shorts), gloves, elbow pads, knee pads, and ice hockey stick.

Loaner skates are provided by the Pensacola Bay Center at each practice free of charge.

Mouth guard, neck protector, and athletic supporter (cup) are required but not provided.

Please visit our New to Hockey page for additional gear information.


Each year we hold an equipment swap! This is a great place to get gear for your player! We will have everything you will need as you move into your designated age groups. The Swap is held towards the beginning of season at the Leagues Kick off Party. There will be everything from helmets to skates available! All the gear is gently used that has been graciously donated by members of the league. The swap is a great way for members to donate their players out grown gear and find the next size needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register?

To start this process, we ask everyone to put their name on the waitlist. The waitlist acts much like putting your name on the list with the hostess at a restaurant, and we will invite participants in the order they are on the list.

Once Learn to Play registration opens, you will receive an email with a link to register.

How many participants per session?

We have a set number of about 35 participants that we can have in a course of Learn to Play. This is to ensure a good ratio of coaches to skaters. 

How many practices are in each session?


How do we find out what day and time our session takes place?

Our registrar will send out an email each session to those registered with all the information needed.

How do we find out who our coach is for our session?

Our registrar will send out an email each session to those registered with all the information needed.

How do we find out who our team manager is for our session?

Our registrar will send out an email each session to those registered with all the information needed.

When do we pick up our loaner gear?

There will be a specific time and date set up before each session starts for a Gear Fitting meeting. They will be held at the Bay Center, and it is very important to make this date so that your child is fitted properly.

Can we keep using the loaner gear after LTP?

Loaner gear will be required to be turned in on your last day of your session. We have limited amounts of gear that we will need to utilize for the next group. Please visit our New to hockey page for more information on gear stores we recommend

Is there gear at the Bay Center we can borrow?

No. ALL of our gear is stored off site due to storage limitations at the BC.

How will we know how to dress our player?

During the gear fitting a PJIF representative will show you how to dress your player as they are fitting them. There are also videos on our New to Hockey page available for review.

How do we clean our gear?

Gear should be aired out and dried after each session so not to grow bacteria and smell. Spraying with Lysol spray or another antibacterial spray is suggested as well.

When can my child move to an age group?

Players will be evaluated at the end of each session. Recommendations will be made at that time by the LTP coaches if there will be an additional session needed. There can be times that at any time during the LTP session a player may be able to be moved up according to how quickly they progress. This will be determined by the LTP coaches or Coach in Chief.

Can parents volunteer to help coaches?

Yes, we welcome parent involvement as much as they would like to. Please visit let your coach know you are interested. or contact our Volunteer coordinator.

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